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Interior Design, Home Styling and Interior Design concepts for private homes and professionals
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Interior Design and Home styling consultancy

Feeling at home somewhere is not always that easy. What table goes with my antique dining room chairs? How do I create a light, airy living space small room? What lighting, which fabrics and what flooring will give the look I am aiming for? How do you add your personal touch to my home? Whenever questions like these arise, I can help you with my experience. I develop an interior design concept for you which matches your own personal style. I will give you suggestions for furniture, lighting, accessories and colour schemes.

Interior Design concepts for offices and other professional spaces

The first impression always counts. What kind of impression does your office give to clients and business partners? How can these rooms be arranged to make an appealing and professional atmosphere? An individual consultation is essential where such questions arise. I shall provide you with an interior design concept that fits you and your clients. I will give you recommendations for a well balanced use of space, furniture, objects and lighting.

Home Staging

Are you looking to sell or rent your property? The first impression is always the most important when marketing a property to potential buyers or tennants. Therefore, Berlinteriors sets the scene so that your property appeals to the largest possible audience. With colour, light, flooring and other details, Berlinteriors enhances your rooms to quicken the sale and increase their value.

The Process

There are only a few steps to your Interior Design concept that will match your personal style

Initial Consultation

During a first consultation that is free of charge, I will take the time to get to know you and to understand your wishes and needs to be able to create an interior design concept to meet your expectations. After this first appointment, you decide how we proceed.

Interior Design Concept

Berlinteriors develops an interior design concept for you. You will be provided with suggestions on use of space, furniture, objects and accessories, lighting, colour schemes and materials. I will help you to reach the right decision. Sometimes small changes can have a great effect. A room divider or rearranging existing objects can create a completely new atmosphere. Berlinteriors optimises, adds to or replaces existing items for you and adds new or antique pieces. Like this, an attractive, personal ambiance is created.


Berlinteriors offers the option to coordinate the realisation of the design concept. Now the concept becomes reality. I can accompany you to choose furniture, organise and supervise necessary renovations and ensure that the time and cost plan stays on target.

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